Review For: The Lady Who Loved Him by Christi Caldwell

The Lady Who Loved Him (The Brethren Book 2) - Christi Caldwell

The Lady Who Loved Him by Christi Caldwell is Book Two in The Brethren Series. This is the story of Lady Chloe Edgerton and Leopold Dunlop, The Marquess of Tennyson. I have read the previous book 'The Spy Who Seduced Her' (and Loved It!) but feel this can be a standalone book.
Leo was once a boy that loved to read but he was also one that was abused by his father. His Uncle who is the Duke of Aubrey picked him to be a part of The Brethren group. There, Leo learned to flush out traitors and help with uncovering crimes against the Crown. Leo adjusted to his new role by becoming a 'Cold Callous Ruthless Bastard' that fit the need The Brethren needed. But now the Brethren members feels he has taken it to far. One member named Rowley, has spoken to say that Leo has one last chance to stay apart of the team. Leo is instructed that if even a false rumor is said about him that he will loose his position with the group. Although his Uncle has taken up for Leo he even says that Leo has taken his persona to far. Leo, doesn't want to loose his place in the group because in his mind it saved him from his father.
Chloe was raised by a very abusive father who hurt her mother and siblings. They lived in terror although their father is now dead, the memories are still with Chloe. Chloe has no plans to ever marry, and has been good about side stepping her marriage minded mother and brother. So much so that Chloe is now 25 years old and only wanting independence.
But when a compromising position between Chloe and Leo happens... it leads them into a marriage of convenience. Both thinking to go forward as they had planned with their lives before marriage start finding it hard to do so. Their feelings are starting to grow between the two.
I absolutely loved this book! I highly recommend Mr. Caldwell's writing...her books make you feel what the characters are going through. It books you cannot put down until you know their ending.