You've Got Fail by Celia Aaron

You've Got Fail by Celia Aaron is a funny and hot story! Willis writes a blog giving advice about dating and relationships. It is a very well known and heavily followed much so that Scarlet Rocket aka Willis Halloran has become famous. But since the blog is supposed to be written by Scarlet Rocket, a women instead of a man, Willis doesn't go out to public events. Willis is a writer that doesn't go out much and at first appearance is disheveled looking. After having the flu and not writing or checking his email he finds he has missed out on an imposter playing at being Scarlet Rocket. When he tracks down the imposter he finds that she is doing more than just pretending to be Scarlet...she is a thief....but a beautiful one at that. Willis finds that this 'Scarlet' is making it hard to resist her. 'Scarlet' was witty, fun and fast with getting out of situations. 'Scarlet' from her first meeting Willis she finds him a hot mess but also very handsome...she nicknames him 'Sparky ".
I so loved this book! I not sure I can say enough about it! It reminded me of some old movies where the leading ladies were quick witted and able to make the man look bewildered but trying to stay firm with the leading lady. Along with such funny story line it was a really hot read. I hope to see more like this story line!