Book Review For: Long for Me Stacey Lynn

Long for Me (Luminous) - Stacey Lynn

'Long for Me' by Stacey Lynn is Book Three in The "Luminous" series. This is the story of Bennett Ashby and Rebecca Morales. I have not yet read the previous books, so for me this was a standalone book.
Rebecca has worked at Bennetts company for about six years but on recently took the job as his assistant. Bennett has been very stern with her and doing things like calling her in on Christmas. Now the latest thing is is on New Years Eve put six days worth of work in front of her and she needs to have it done ASAP. Rebecca's father was abusive to her mother so she has issues with men who abuse women. When her friends ask her to go to Luminous, which is a sex club she at first turns them down like she has done for a long time. But after getting off work late and just having the option to drink along she decided to go with them. Since is Visitors night at Luminous they are doing demonstrations which she ends up finding Bennett doing one. Rebecca has mixed feelings at first being attracted to him but not knowing anything really about the life style she has a hard time understanding it. She knows her friend and her husband are strongly involved with it but Rebecca has a hard time understand a man laying his hands on a women. When Bennett sees Rebecca at the Club he knows he is going to act on the feelings of desire hes been feeling for her. Bennett is determine that he will convince her to let him teach her the ways of the Club and that lifestyle.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."