Book Review For: Poly Amore by Desiree A. Cox

Poly Amore - Desiree A. Cox, Book Cover By Design, Kim Huther

'Poly Amore' by Desiree A. Cox is the story of Zander, Patty and Sara.
Sara sees Zander at her talking to her bartender friend Mitch one night. When Mitch ask her to attend one of his parties she quickly goes with her friend in hopes that Zander is there. Zander is there with his wife Patty. They are looking for someone to be an addition to their relationship as the last one had all basically agree that the relationship had run its course. Patty and Sara it off which opens them up to the Pollyanna relationship that they all want. This book does give each side of each person's story and feelings as they grow.
So If you have been looking for a book that opens a romance story for Pollyanna then this book is for you.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."