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How to Bewilder a Lord - Ally Broadfield
How to Bewilder a Lord (How To #3)How to Bewilder a Lord by Ally Broadfield
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How to Bewilder a Lord by Ally Broadfield is book Three in the "How To" series. This is the story of Gavin Corey, the Earl of Thornbrook and Lady Louisa Adair. I have read the other books in this series and you can read this book as a standalone but I think you will enjoy it more if you read the previous books.
Louisa wants to inherit the family estate that she has grown to love since childhood. But to do so her father says that she would have to live their full time and he is unsure if she can handle the estate is would seem. Besides that, Louisa doesn't really seem to want to marry. Marrying would mean giving up her independence and her inheritance.
Gavin would like to marry Louisa, but he had been a notorious rake. Which has affected the Duke's perception of him and would stop any relationship goals he has in mind. Gavin is in love with Louisa and is trying to clean up his act. Although, Louisa father the Duke of Boulstridge isn't so easy to convince. When he is given the chance to escort Louisa's sister in-law to the country along with Louisa he jumps at the chance. Gavin thinks now he will be with Louisa more to get that chance to marry her. But Gavin and Louisa come to a wager that who ever finds the rumor jewels that are hidden will win their bet. If Gavin wins then Louisa will allow him to court her and if she wins then Gavin must tell the secret he has been keeping from her.
How To series:
Series Order:
Book #1 How to Beguile a Duke
Book #2 How to Bewitch an Earl
Book #3 How To Bewilder a Lord
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