Book Review For: Forever and a Night by Lana Campbell

Forever and a Night - Lana Campbell

'Forever and a Night' by Lana Campbell is the story of Nathan Davenport and Mia Peebles.
Mia is a divorced women with three grown girls who works at an Italian Restaurant as one of their Chiefs. One day they have a few servers call in and left them short handed. So Mia takes the initiative to serve also that night to help them get the orders out. This leads her to meet Nathan who she knows that he is a player but later learns he too is one of the riches men around. So Mia sets her mind to avoid any personal interaction as she doesn't need the extra stuff in her life. Mia hasn't dated or been with anyone in the 5 years of her divorce and didn't plan to start now.
Nathan is a long outstanding Vampire who was released from Isabella Ravini...the women that turned him. But now she wants him back after he has become rich and powerful. So Nathan is laying low when he meets Mia. From the first moment he saw and smelled her he knew he had to taste her. But Mia doesn't want to go out with him so he 'glamorous/enchant her so that he can kiss and take her blood. Once done he wipes her mind of them except for the part he having dinner at the restaurant. Nathan does this for several days when his friends start to question what is he doing. They don't usually use the same donors so what he is doing is raising questions. But Nathan can't seem to stay away from Mia. Nathan offers Mia a job as his personal Chef bringing her closer to him while he works out his feelings.
I enjoyed this Vampire was nice to see an middle aged (42) main character for a change so that added to the story.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."