Review For: Wicked Designs

Wicked Designs - Lauren   Smith

'Wicked Designs' by Lauren Smith is book One in "The League of Rogues" series. This is the story of Godric St. Laurent, Duke of Essex and Miss Emily Parr. This was the first book I read of Ms. Smith and this turned me in to a Great Fan of her writing! It made me want more books by her immediately!
This book had everything: funny, hot love scene, strong female character outsmarting the men at most every chance, and a torched male character who in the end...only wanted love.
Emily wanted out of her former situation with a Uncle that was mean to her..then was planning to marry her off to his horrible business partner. But in the present situation she finds she has been kidnapped by Godric and his friends. Can Emily out smart them and finally get away? Will Godric come to realize how much Emily really means to him?