Review For: Saving Mercy

Saving Mercy (Fatal Truth) - Abbie Roads

'Saving Mercy' by Abbie Roads is book One in the "Fatal Truth" series. This is the story of Cain and Mercy. This is a bloody, exciting, drama filled its a little more than just a romance story.
Mercy was one of Cain's father victims that actually survived..but barley. After some time she did end up in a mental hospital that one Dr pretty much torture her. Until Nurse Liz gets her out and into Cain's safe handling. Cain was subjected to the murders of his father and now has issue with closeness even those who are trying to show they care like Mac the FBI agent who took him in when he was young. Even Liz has tried to be a mother to him but he can't get close to anyone until Mercy. Cain has been keeping tabs on Mercy but at first didn't want to take her in doe to his issue with emotion. In addition, he has a love/hate with blood and crime scene. But they slowly start to help each other get through their past. But they also have to get through the danger that they are now in.
*A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection*