It Started with a Kiss

It Started with a Kiss - Ella Quinn

'It Started with a Kiss' by Ella Quinn is book Three in the "The Worthingtons" series.  This is the story of Louisa and Gideon.   I have read and enjoyed the previous books but if you choose this can be a standalone book.  Louisa is the sister to Matt who was the main male character in book One "Three Weeks to Wed".  So it was nice catching up with them in this book.  
Louisa knows Gideon is the one for her almost from the start when she passed him by when she was out riding in the early mornings.  Louisa runs into Gideon again at her family home when she finds out that he is her brother's friend.
Gideon is taken with Louisa from the start too but knows that nothing can come of it because his inherited Estes are left penniless after his father was pretty much taken advantage up by a women.
Gideon cousin who he is close to informs him that he wants Louisa for his own and just wants his help in the matter.  Gideon at first thinks this is a good ideal but it gets harder to stick with helping him.  Louisa has already started looking for someone else for the cousin so she isn't having any of that and wants Gideon only.  
This was another great read by Ms. Quinn!  Ms. Quinn is one of my favorite authors so this was a dream to read!  "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."