Highland Hellion

Highland Hellion (Highland Weddings) - Mary Wine

'Highland Hellion' by Mary Wine is book Three in the "Highland Weddings" series.  This is the story of Katherine and Rolfe.  I have read the other book in this series and I do feel this can be a standalone book.  Katherine did appear in the book Two "Highland Vixen" where Marcus and Helen had taken her in after Katherine was being offered to Marcus as a child-wife.
Katherine is English and was kidnapped around 13 years of age to be married off but after getting out of that predicament she was taken in by a Highland Family.  Marcus who was the Lair allowed her to learn to fight just like a Highland Warrior so she didn't know much of being a Highlands Women.
When Katherine goes off to feel 'free' one night she meets Rolfe.  Katherine gets away from Rolfe on that first meeting but on their second meeting she helps him and a friend get away before they can be killed.  But she is taken instead and then Rolfe goes to save her.  Once Rolfe gets Katherine back he takes her to his home but his father isn't happy that a English women/Katherine is there.
Of course this was another great story by Ms. Wine.  Ms. Wine is one of my favorite authors and when I got this book I had to read it at once! I didn't stop until I had finished their story.
*A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection*

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