Decadent Dreams

Decadent Dreams - Nicole Garcia

'Decadent Dreams ' by Nicole Garcia is the story of Phoenix 'Phe' and Nico. Nico lost his wife about three years ago and to most people they think he had a good marriage but in actually fact his wife cheated on him. But Nico is still taking the lost of her and her cheating on him very hard. It has changed him to a very short tempered man who can't sleep. His business partner and friend has surprised him with a assistant. This assistant is Phe who may be short and small but she packs a lot of attitude into her small frame. Nico is instantly attracted to her and starts going into Alpha mode. Phe too is attracted to him but doesn't think he even notices her. They start to clash at work so much so the partner sends them both home. When something very traumatizing happens to Phe, Nico comes forward to take care of her. Can Nico learn to trust again? Will Phe let go of this fear she now has? I loved watching these two characters come together! I also loved the Epilogue that Ms. Garcia added for our enjoyment. Epilogue really put a a smile at the end of a book! This is my first book by Ms. Garcia and I am so happy to have found her writing! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."