Home at Last

Home at Last - Lily Everett

'Home at Last' by Lily Everett is book Six in the "Sanctuary Island" series.  This is the story of Quinn and Marcus.  I have read the previous book and I do feel it would be helpful for you to enjoy this book more if you read the previous book "Close to Home".   Quinn has been in love with Marcus her former next door neighbor for a long time.  But he up and left town never to return until now.  Marcus has returned home to try to make a new start and to live a slower, quieter type lifestyle.   Quinn is the so called 'town sweetheart' and the town isn't warming up to Marcus due to them being upset that Marcus for 'Seducing and then dumping' Quinn.  Quinn is finding out that her parents are having marriage problems when they return from their trip with a third person who is possessively helping them with their marriage.   Quinn thinks that if her parents thinks she and Marcus are possibly getting married it may help settle down their marriage some.  In addition, this will help Marcus with his bar and the town being more open to him to see that he might be settling down.  But as we know all fake engagements seem to lead to true love.   Really sweet second chance at love romance.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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