Second Chance with a Highlander

Second Chance with a Highlander (Highland Chance Series) (Volume 1) - Sarah Mitchell

'Second Chance with a Highlander' by Sarah Mitchell is book One in the "Highland Chance" series. This is the story of Connor and Kate.  This is a time travel type romance so be aware of that.  
Kate is in the present day dying off Cancer and pretty much alone...she has never married in this current day.  When Kate feels as if she is dying she ends up waking up in the past and is found by a Highlander named Connor. Connor takes him to his mother's house to have her take care of Kate. Kate is quickly drawn to Connor and feels as she knows him.  Connor does start to take return her feelings but there is ex lover of Connor's that isn't take it to well and starts to cause problems for them both. Kate is now in danger due to this ex lovers jealousy.  Loved seeing how this all played to get to the next book since I am hooked on this series!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."