Close to Home


'Close to Home' by Lily Everett is book 5 in the "Sanctuary Island" series. This is the story of Terri/Tessa and Johnny. I have not yet read the other books in this seires so for me this was a standalone book. Johnny first met Terri when she was hiding in his parents barn. Terri was upset and crying and Johnny's protectiveness kicked in. Johnny and Terri ended up getting married. Terri was grateful for Johnny being so protective of her. Johnny's undercover job took him away for months to years at a time. In Johnny's protectiveness mind set he hasn't fully slept with her. Thinking she is still the fragile girl. While Johnny was away on one of his undercover assignments Terri decided to give Johnny his freedom and leave him. Terri thought to start a new life on her own to become a stronger person and to also let Johnny find someone he could love. A year into become Tessa instead of Terri and moving to Sanctuary Island she has started a new life working at a bakery. But one day she looks up at the bakery and Johnny is there talking to her boss. Johnny was shocked to learn his wife has left him and even more shocked to see how much Terri has changed. But the one thing Johnny still knows is that he wants her even more.
This was such a sweet and moving romance which showed there are some great second chances!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."