Queen of Lost Stars: Dragonblade/House of St. Hever

Queen of Lost Stars: Dragonblade/House of St. Hever - Kathryn Le Veque Queen of Lost Stars: Dragonblade/House of St. Hever by Kathryn Le Veque is about the story of Madelayne Gray d'Ebreux and Sir Kaspian St. Hever.

Madelayne was married and her husband was best friend and fellow warrior of Kaspian. Madelayne was not in love with her husband but he was a really good man and she had liked him very much. Madelayne has been having issue with pregancy and was worried about loosing this baby as she had her last one that she miscarried. But her husband was to be back before she gave birth.
Her husband and Kaspian went off to a war/fight.

Kaspian came back hurt with a life threatening injury near/to his stomach. Madelayne husband was killed and just before finding that out she had lost their baby. Now a 'Dr' is telling her that she needs to help Kaspian by feeding him and keeping him alive.

Kaspian has always been drawn to Madelayne but would never act on it since she was his best friends wife. But now that he is waking up for his injury and finding out what Madelayne has been doing to keep him alive...he is more drawn to her and decided to move forward with his feelings.

Can Kaspian keep Madelayne? Will their feelings for each other grow to the love that they both want?