An Affair in Autumn

An Affair in Autumn - Jennifer Haymore This is book four in the "A Year Without a Duke" series. This is a different kind of series of books. Yes, it is a historical romance but the underling story to me (I have only read this book, book three 'Seduced in September' and book five ' A Duke by December') seems to be what is going on in the people lives while waiting for the Duke to be found. Which isn't a bad thing.. just different. I did enjoy this book and the other books...just wanted to make the underlining story clear. Also, with that said this book (and the other I have read) were all stand alone books. You don't have to have read the other books to enjoy this one. They are also quick enjoyable reads!
This is the story of Caroline Addison and Lord Markus Hawkins who along with Nathaniel Hughes who is the 'new' Duke were all childhood friends. But when Caro up and married a older man with money and title it pretty much destroyed all their friendship. But now years later Caro is widower and Markus comes to her asking if she knows where Nat is.. that they have just found out he is the new Duke. Markus hasn't seen Caro in years after he felt betrayed by her marriage. Caro finds she is still having feeling for him and decides she will also go on this adventure to help find Nate. She has not seen him either in years although she has been exchanging letters with him. On this journey to help Nate she and Markus start to clear up the misunderstandings and that starts their love story.