Marry for Love

Marry for Love - Christina Courtenay This is a sweet love story of one sister in love with the handsome Lord while the other is a evil twin who likes to take things away from her sister. And once her evil twin sister knows that Delilah is in love with Hamish Baillie, Fourth Earl of Blackwood she sets to become his wife. Hamish has been tricked into a marriage trap and nothing he can do to get out of it. Until the wedding day when they priest asked if anyone 'can show just cause that they can't be together'. That is when he see Delilah stand up and take his side against her sister and say that he was trapped. Delilah also goes on to say that they were lovers and that he cannot marry her sister. It give him the opening to agree and walk away from this whole sham. Hamish goes to Delilah and offers to help her get away since she will no longer be excepted in society. Hamish offers her marriage at first which she turns down as she does not want to be like her sister. So he then offers her a job as the head-house keeper of his estate in Scotland. This take them on a journey to finding each other and over coming that evil twin sister together.