Madcap Miss

Madcap Miss - Claudy Conn, Karen Babcock This was a really fun, light and enjoyable read! I loved it and liked that it wasn't so violent as some Historical Romance are. Our heroine is Miss Felicia Easton who has pretty much lived on her own for several years along with her staff and a boyhood neighbor who is just like a brother to her. Felicia gets a letter from her guardian saying that he is coming for her and she is in fear that he plans to marry her off to just anyone or one of his poor relatives. Her and her boyhood friend decide to go on the run to his Aunt's house. But the run into trouble along the way. Our hero, Glen Aston has taken over the title and finds he is in charge of a ward. He and his sister start to head to see Felicia. Glen goes on his own as he as set his sister on her way to come at another time. Glen find two people in need of help along the way that delays him in arriving at Felicia house. Glen and Felicia do not know each other and set their story of misunderstanding, love and some humor. Loved it and hope that you do too!