Devil's Dominion

Devil's Dominion - Kathryn Le Veque Bretton de Llion has a growing vengeance against Jax de Velt who meet as the main character in the "The Dark Lord" book. Brett wants to get revenge for the death of his family who he blames Jax in killing. Brett has been trying to find a way to get this revenge and it comes in the form of Lady Allaston de Velt, who is Jax daughter. Allaston is at a convent working to become a nun. There Brett goes and kidnaps her and kills most all of the nuns there. Allaston is then held hostage by him until her father can come and get her... then Brett will kill Jax. But while waiting for Jax to come over time Brett starts to loosen his mean and hard cord hate for Allaston and starts to fall in love. She too starts to drop her guard and has feelings for him.
I gave this three starts just because I thought like "The Dark Lord" book that the main male character was to hard and mean...yes he changed but he had a lot to change from.