The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett

The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett - Raven McAllan This book was a easy read that I was able to do in one sitting. I enjoyed this book and it was nice not to be on a emotional roller coaster ride with this book. Our heroine, Lady Clarissa Macpherson is a not wanting to do the marriage mart and seems to hate going to the balls where she has to put up with ungentle-men. But while there our hero, Lord Theodore Bennett ,comes in to save her when one of the ungentle-men start to get 'fresh' with her. Lord Theodore chased the person away and when he bent down to help her with her dress at her ankle someone walked in on them. Which leads them to become engaged.. Lady Clarissa, years ago had been caught by Lord Theodore when she was younger and they shared a kiss. Lord Theodore does not remember the kiss by Lady Clarissa sure does..which makes her only want to marry for love and not to save her or his reputation. This starts their romance to finding love and dealing with their forced marriage. I enjoyed having this book and hope that you do too!