The Secret Love of a Gentleman

The Secret Love of a Gentleman - Jane Lark This is book five in the "Marlow Intrigues" series. I have not read all the I am jumping around in th series. So, with that said I wanted to let you know that I feel this is a stand alone book. So don't worry if you are jumping around in the series too..if won't hurt your enjoyment of this book. Jane Lark books are always very "hot" books. They are easy reads that I can do in one setting...unless I am trying to go slowly with them. I was kinda of put off by the hero, Rob Marlow being a few years younger than our heroine, Caroline. But once I got into reading it I found that it didn't really matter..the story was that good. Our heroine, Caro has had what started out as a good marriage but within the year her husband started to beat her. Caro finally gets the nerve to leave him and goes to stay with her brother. There she meets Rob who is her brothers, brother in-law. Rob slowly starts trying to get Caro out of her shell of hurt and being scared. This story their story of how the overcame so much to be together. I really am glad to have read this book and hope that you will be too.