A Sword for His Lady (Courtly Love)

A Sword for His Lady (Courtly Love) - Mary Wine I so love Mary Wine and her books!! They are the best. Great Love scenes, real male hero, strong heroine. I had to read this (as with all her books) in one sitting!!! Ramon de Segrave is appointed to the Council of Barons. With this he has been giving some land that adjoins our heroine's place. It is suggested that he marry her in order to help keep her lands safe and for him to build up his new lands. The hero has been married before and had a very bad experience from this. So while heading to his new lands he is in the mind set to pass on the marriage. Our heroine, Isabel of Camoys is running the house and lands that her husband death left her with. Isabel had a really bad marriage to and does not wish to marry again. Once Ramon sees Isabel his feeling have changed...he wants her and this marriage. Isabel is not changing her mind at all is her mind set! So starts this great story! I hope you enjoy it too!!