Highland Destiny: A Guardians of Scotland Novella

Highland Destiny: A Guardians of Scotland Novella - Victoria Zak This book does not say so but I would put it a 3.5 in the series "Guardians of Scotland ". I have read all the previous books in that series and this one is a part of the series. It is a short read about 103 pages. It is a standalone book but I really enjoyed the other three books and would say get them just cause they were good reads.
Rory Cameron has seen his friends find their mates and marry. Rory is now wanting to do the same but has not yet met anyone that even comes close to the passion and love his friends share. Rory has started to feel lonely and would like nothing better than to meet her. Then one day he happens to see a fire burning in the woods and goes to look at what it is.
Kenna Mackenzie has been a orphan since she was littler. Her Uncle left her at a near by Clan in hopes of her making a match and strengthening the ties of his Clan. Kenna does for a relationship with the Lair son and they are to be married. But on her wedding day she has a vision that she should not marry him and that any son she has would be a demon type of a child. So runs away and stays in a cabin in the woods. Five years later Rory finds her after falling the fire to her Cabin. After just seeing her once Rory knows that she is his mate. But Kenna is having issue now with her ex fiance who has just found her. This starts story of love.