Lady Bridget's Diary (Keeping Up with the Cavendishes)

Lady Bridget's Diary (Keeping Up with the Cavendishes) - Maya Rodale This is book One in the "Keeping Up with the Cavendishes" series.
Lady Bridget Cavendish is an American whose brother just became into the title of Duke. This made their family move from America to London. Bridget and her sister are being taught and brought out by the former Duchess who is their Aunt. Bridget on her first ball ends up falling down and Lord Darcy along with his brother comes forward to help her up. Bridget really likes Lord Darcy brother but finds Lord Darcy to be a stuck up British pain. But along the way they both start feeling attracted to each other and this leads them into finding out who they really want to be with.
This was such a enjoyable read that I could not put down. I can not wait for the second book and learn about Bridget's sister story!