Lord Haven’s Deception

Lord Haven’s Deception - Donna Lea Simpson I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
Jane Dresden just has her mother as her father has pasted. Jane's mother has set up for Jane to marry Viscount Haven. Jane who is around twenty-eight years old does not want to get married and if she does have to marry she wants to do so for love. But nothing can change Jane's mother. So Jane is off with her Aunt to meet Lord Haven. But while at a Inn Jane gets cold feet after reading her mother's letter. So Jane goes missing and everyone starts looking for her. While on the run she ends up at a cottage with a women named Mary. There she meets Gerry who she thinks is just a farmer.. we find that they are both hiding from their true name/self. This is a really sweet, clean, enjoyable read that I could not put down.