How to Wed a Warrior (Broadswords and Ballrooms)

How to Wed a Warrior (Broadswords and Ballrooms) - Christy English This is book two in the "Broadswords and Ballrooms" series. I have read the previous book 'How to Seduce a Scot' but I have found this book is a standalone book. This is a great series and I just love these books! I just wish the third book was out now..there was NO cliffhanger but the sires is so good I hate to wait! They have everything, strong male, female great secondary characters..good story!
Prudence Whittaker has been living by another identity for the last five years after her brother was accused of some awful things and with her parents gone she has only herself since she thinks too that he has died. In Hyde Park she sees a young lady yielding a sword at an old friend from her past. Prudence doesn't stop to think she just intervene to help the young lady to stop so that she will not be marked or talked about by the town. Which lead her to meet the brother, Highlander Robert Waters . Robert is quickly taken with Prudence along with his sister. They invite her to come to their townhouse that they are staying at for tea the next day. This leads them to ask her to help Prudence with the rules of the town. Prudence accepts the position and she finds that she can't fight her feelings for Robert. But she knows that with her past she can only her them with what the town thinks of her. This starts their wonderful story of how they overcame so much to be together.