The Phoenix Decree

The Phoenix Decree - Anna Albergucci This is book one in the "The Phoenix Decree" series. I want to say right of the bat that this is a book that continues to the next book called "Phoenix Unbound" and I would assume to the next book " Phoenix Under Fire". I have not read the other two books yet as they have not come out yet. When I started this book I knew that this book would not end their story and I was hasten to start a book I would not so quickly to to the end of their story. I held that against the book thinking that I would not like the book all that much because it would not quickly end. But I started reading the book and I fell in love with the story. Their is one main couple: Devon Phoenix and Elz Valli and two other couples that are starting to fall in love. This also is a time traveling story which added to the enjoyment of the story.
Devon at the age of twenty two found a book/diary of a previous Lord Phonix. Devon learn the previous Lord Phonix story of his love and what happen with them. In it he finds that they have been set to only marry their true love and no one else. And to find his true love he would have to look into a mirror type object and say words that will make her face appear in it so he would know. At first he doesn't believe the story and does this to see if it a hoax. But when everything the book said would happen starts to happen and Devon decided he can't continue as he doesn't want to know yet but it is to late. He find the women he loves and it is Elz who is in our present day while he is back in history over 100 years or so. For six years he tells no one of what happen but continues to watch his true love and struggle to figure out how to get to her. Elz too has felt someone was watching her and that something else is going on with her that is not normal. Elz has found that she is in love with a portrait of Devon that she was given when she was sixteen years old that has been in her family for years.
I was glad to have read this book and cannot wait for the next part of their story.