Montana Sky: Slater's Bride (Kindle Worlds)

Montana Sky: Slater's Bride (Kindle Worlds) - Patricia Thayer Montana Sky: Slater's Bride by Patricia Thayer.
Loretta Drennan has been away to school and then she stayed there to work some Loretta has returned home with her mom gravely ill. Loretta and her brother have never really gotten along with her new stepfather and stepson. Her brother left due to them and Loretta stayed away due to them too. But now she wants to help her mom but her mom has ask that she go and get her brother to try to force the family business back to them instead of the Stepfather/son before it is to late. So this sets Loretta traveling to Montana to find her brother. While on a train she meets Paul Slater who turns out to be a friend and business partner to her brother. Paul and Loretta set out toward the Ranch where Paul and her brother own. They end up running into a storm which delays them some and keeps by themselves a little longer. This was a really sweet, touching romance that I truly enjoyed having the chance to read.