The Rake's Unveiling Of Lady Belle

The Rake's Unveiling Of Lady Belle - Raven McAllan I really enjoyed this book! I loved how Lord Phillip Macpherson knew he wanted Lady Belinda Howells when they met again. I wanted to make note that the secondary characters in this book have their own book/story in the title "The Scandalous Proposal Of Lord Bennett"..which came out a few months before this book. You don't have to have read that book to enjoy this one but I was glad that I had already read that was another good read!
Lady Belinda Howells has had a hard time of it since her mother died. Her father and brother are doing nothing but gambling and drinking. Belinda had went away to school but her father made her come back home to take care of the house. Then her father said that he was marring her off to a man he owes money to. So Belinda runs away from home and goes to her friends godmother. From their they create a new life for her. This takes her years later to meet with Lord Phillip Macpherson who years ago she had a crush on. Lord Phillip is taken with her this time and starts to pursue her. This starts their story of love. I hope you too will enjoy this book!