Phoenix Under Fire

Phoenix Under Fire - Anna Albergucci This is book three in the "The Phoenix Decree" Saga. This is a continuation on book one 'The Phoenix Decree' and the second one 'Phoenix Unbound' so I would advise reading that one first and the second one. This is a paranormal / time travel type of book also.
After reading the first two books I have found that I am hooked on this series. I quickly went and got the other book and read them one right after the other. To me these books are so hard to put down. They have of course the main couple : Devon Phoenix and Elz Valli. But they have several secondary characters that really don't feel secondary..they too have a love story going on. Also this book does narrate to not just the hero and heroine but all characters in the book. I found that I liked that part as it gave you in site to what they were thinking.
This book deals with Devon and Elz after they leave the current time frame and return home to Deven current time of 1829. Devon introduces Elz to his family..although his family knows they are already married from the future the plan to have a wedding in his time frame too. So they start to work on that and adjust to life in his century. When one of Devon close friend meets with Elz his friend quickly starts to find that she is his 'life mate' and when that happens his inter- wolf and his human form become one and stronger. So this book deals with Devon and Elz dealing with how to hand this situation they find themselves in now.
This is a good series to start if you are looking for the next one.