The Knave of Hearts

The Knave of Hearts - Elizabeth Boyle This is book five in the "Rhymes With Love" series. I have read most of the books in this series and with that in mind I feel this is a standalone book. But I have been enjoying the series and would suggest reading the others just for the enjoyment.
Lavinia Tempest and her twin sister is having their first Season. They are having a lot to overcome with the talk of her dead mother and her affairs. Also that they are not very graceful. Lavinia is not good at dancing and has been asked by Alaster "Tuck" Rowland who is the nephew of her Guardian and her host. While in the middle of the dance Tuck lets her go and walks of... this set her to fall that leads to several couples falling. By the town standards Lavinia is completely ruined for this and along with the talk of her mother. The next day Tuck realizes what he has done as goes to see Lavinia and asked that she let him turn her and her sister into 'Diamonds of the First Water'. Tuck along with wanting to make things right with the Twin Sister has also got a bet going that he can make the girls acceptable to the town again with in Two weeks. This starts their funny, heartfelt love story that I really enjoyed and hope that you would too!