If You Dare

If You Dare - Kresley Cole I am a new reader of Kresley Cole, but I find that she has went to the top of my list in authors! I kept putting this book off to the side, then one day I decided to take the chance on reading it. I found that I loved this book and read it withing two days (sadly work got in the way or I could have done it quicker). Well, once I was done with that book I was hungry for more. I ended up reading book 2 "If you Desire" and book 3 "If you Deceive" in a 24 hour period! What is three hours of sleep going into work when you got a good book! Yes I did have a book hangover but it was well worth it!!
Our heroine is Lady Annalía Tristán Llorente who finds our hero, Courtland MacCarrick badly beaten and near death. Anna is a little put off that he is a Highlander as they have been hired guns for the area by the evil General Reynaldo Pascal. But her soft heart overcomes the fear of taking him in. Court is a hard fighting highlander who thinks that him and his brothers are cursed, which has affected his life and keeps him from getting close to a lady. This starts our story of love over coming the hardships of fighting and how love can overcome a curse! Be warned that this is a true historical romance as the men are hardcore men where they like to protect their ladies...and the love scene are pretty dang hot!! I hope you enjoy this book too!!!!