Run Wild

Run Wild - Shelly Thacker This is book one in the "Escape with a Scoundrel" series. Shelly Thacker writes some hot, emotional and sometimes frustrating books...that I love so much. Samantha Delafield is on the run and been so for years. It started when she had to leave her home at sixteen when after her family died she was alone and her Uncle was trying to force himself on her. So she has lived on the street and living by taking what she could. But she got caught and is thrown in the jail which is where she meets Nicholas Brogan but he is going by Nick James so she doesn't know he it the notorious pirate. They are force the next day to be in leg shackles due to the fact they are going to be taken to London to have their crimes heard. Both do not want to go there for different reason but do not tell the other. They also have a quick dislike for each other and fight they whole time. Nick has set a escape plan in motion that he has to take Samantha with him since they are shacked. This starts their story and what they overcame to be together.