Her Obsessed Mountain Man by Parker Grey


Title: Her Obsessed Mountain Man
Author: Parker Grey
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 5, 2018


I’ve been obsessed with Ruby since the day I saw her.
I’m rough, rugged, and damaged. Ever since I got out of the Marines, all I’ve wanted is to be left alone on my mountain.
Then, she walked into my bar, ordered a cheeseburger and a cherry coke, and before she took a single bite I was in love. Smitten. Completely obsessed with this beautiful, innocent girl.
But I’m not the only one who’s noticed her. My bar’s also the meeting spot for the Iron Diablos MC -- and I’m the only man around here who’ll stand up to them.
And I’ll do anything to protect Ruby and make her mine.
Her Obsessed Mountain Man is insta-love at its finest! If you like sweet, romantic stories with a heat level of eleven, this one’s for you.

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Author Bio
I write obsessed, dominant, alpha heroes who stop at nothing to get their women - and get them dirty! I can be found driving around my small, southern town in either my minivan or hubby’s pickup truck. No one here is the wiser about my secret writing life… and I definitely prefer it that way!
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My Review
4 Stars
Her Obsessed Mountain Man by Parker Grey is the story of Ruby and Jax. 
Jax is so drawn and attracted to Ruby he works every day at the bar she visits to just see her. But he feels that he doesn't deserve someone so sweet.  Ruby liked Jax too but she doesn't try to go further either and they keep the flirtation dance going until something dangerous happens.  Someone is out to harm Ruby and Jax takes control and puts her under his protection. 
I didn't really fully understand why Jax felt he didn't deserve Ruby but I am all about a man who is obsessed with a women he loves...so I couldn't do anything but enjoy this book.