The Trade by Elizabeth Knox.



Title: The Trade
Series: The Clans #2
Author: Elizabeth Knox
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 5, 2018


When I was assigned the job to find out who exactly orchestrated the hit on Mariana Petran, I jumped at the opportunity. To attack the queen of the clans is an attack against us all. I was to find the man who ordered it – and I did. I also found myself a feisty redhead; something I considered a cherry on top of the sundae as I headed to her hometown to destroy the man responsible for it all.
So, there I was, delivering a bloody and violent end to the scum that betrayed us when the door opens, and in walks my feisty redhead; Natasha.

I came home from a wild night out with the girls and found my uncle bloodied and bruised, with a gun held to the back of his head. The man holding the gun – my boyfriend, Anton.
I never thought that I would be begging for his life – doing anything that I could to save him. But he’s my family. He’s the only link I have left to my mother.
Anton didn’t tell me he was in the Romanian Mob – but I never confessed I was the niece of a head clan member, or anything about my father, but we’ll get to that later.
Anton named his price. I didn’t understand why, what he could possibly find valuable with taking the niece of Clan Constantin – especially when he already had me.
I accepted the terms, the trade. I’d do anything to save my uncle, even if that meant sacrificing myself. Anton promised me that he wouldn’t kill my uncle, like a dumb girl I assumed that meant my uncle would live.
Anton may not have pulled the trigger, but make no mistake – he killed my uncle.
The loving man I’d learned to care about over the past few weeks turned into something feral – I didn’t even know the man I was falling in love with.
I waited for my father, and prayed he would come for me.
They didn’t even know the girl they were taking.
They were clueless.

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Elizabeth is a romantic suspense author most popular for her Mob and MC books, the international bestselling author of Reign, Redemption, Revenge, Relentless, Promised, Tough as Steele, Stripping a Steele & Blackjack. 
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My Review:
5 Stars
The Trade by Elizabeth Knox is book Two in The Clans.  This is the story of Anton and Natasha.  I haven't yet read the previous book so for me this was easily a standalone book.
Anton and Natasha met when Natasha came into his club.  They both wanted each other immediately and they acted just as fast.  This lead them to meet up a few more times and Anton thought of her as his girl.  But their fun encounters changed when Natasha walked in on him beating her Uncle up.  They then learn who the other one truly is.  Natasha family is members of the Clan Constantin.  Natasha Uncle, Jan Constantine is one of the leaders 0f her clan.  Anton is apart of the Clan Balan,  his job was to get information from Jan and kill him. Anton Clan had the understanding that Clan Constantine had attempted to kill their Clan Balan Queen.  Natasha tried to bargain her life for her Uncle's life but when the verbal deal was done her Uncle still ended up dead.  Now those growing feelings between the two are very strained now...can they get past their families Clans? 
Really enjoyed this can't put it down for sure!