Review The Trouble With True Love by Laura Lee Guhrke

The Trouble with True Love: Dear Lady Truelove - Laura Lee Guhrke

The Trouble With True Love by Laura Lee Guhrke is book Two in the "Dear Lady Truelove" Series.  This is the story of Clara Deverill and Rex Pierpont, Viscount Galbraith. I haven't yet read the previous book, so for me this was a standalone book
Clara is filling in for her sister on writing the 'Dear Lady Truelove' series in the newspaper.  People write in asking for love advise and she responds back.  But Clara isn't as out going as her sister nor has she much experience with love or courting.  Clara is the shy type who feels she isn't very beautiful.  Rex is a rake whose parents are not the best examples of what love and marriage were.  But he has a Aunt who is looking to match him up with someone.
Clara and Rex are very different people who end up coming together after Clara eavesdropped on his conversation with a friend.  Information Clara used in her sisters 'Dear Lady Truelove' sections.  
It was fun watching them bicker, grow and learn what love really is.