Review For: Dirty Talk by Lauren Landish

Dirty Talk - Lauren Landish

Dirty Talk by Lauren Landish is the story of Derrick King and Katrina Snow.
Derrick is on the radio and goes by the screen name ‘The Love Whisperer’.  While doing a cheating show with his coworker Katrina calls in to talk about her boyfriend who she just found out cheated on her.  Derrick nicknames her 'Kitty Kat' and finds her voice very exciting.  So much so that he gives his personal number to call him back to let him know how things went with her break up.
Katrina is a smart geek/techie type women who has never had a exciting relationship with a man.  Katrina resent boyfriend Kevin cheats on her but he was nothing exciting about him anyway. But she finds Derrick's voice very exciting and a flirtation starts between them over the phone which has them heading for more...will Derrick be the one that last?