Review For: THE BRITISH KNIGHT by Louise Bay

THE BRITISH KNIGHT by Louise Bay is the story of Violet King and Alexander Knightley. 
Violet has been having a hard time of it since she broke up with her college boyfriend who also cheated her out of the company she helped start.  So once again she is feeling the loss of another job and the disapproval of her sister. But when her sister and her friend talk her into going to London to start fresh for a few months she goes forward to do so.  There she is going to start a total different job and work to better her life.   On the Tube to a Job interview she happens to be helped by Alex.  Then later she learns that not only had he helped that day but not it appears she is assigned to be his assistant. Which leads to a work affair but can it work into something more? 
I couldn't put this book down and exciting story!