Castle of Kings by Betty Shreffler

Castle of Kings by Betty Shreffler is the story of Jake and Liz. Liz has just returned after being away to Nursing school to get her Bachelors Degree. Nix her brother is still running the motorbike ship and bar in the Kings MC Club. But there are a few new members she hasn't met. One of them being Jake Castle. Nix quickly warns her off of Jake because he is a womanizer and he doesn't want that for his sister. But Jake attempts to talk to her and she does rebuff him but that doesn't end it. Jake wins her in a fight for the night which her brother has to standby. So Jake and Liz go on a date which they end up learning more about the other than just the face value they first were drawn too.
This book was hot, Exciting and one you cannot put down! Loved it!