ROCK SOLID by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde


Rock Solid by Carly Phillips is book four in the "Book Boyfriend" series. This is the story of Connor Prescott and Katie Kaswell. This can easily be a standalone alone book I thought.
Connor and Katie happen to have a chance meeting while waiting for their flights that were delayed due to a snow story. Katie traveled to meet her boyfriend of 8 months to surprise him on Valentines day, but sadly she was the one surprised. Work travel has Connor being stranded when he notices Katie. Later that day they happen to meet again at a busy restaurant while they are having to wait for another flight out. Katie tells Connor her sad story of finding out her boyfriend has been having an affair. Over bonding about their stranded state they have a night of passion but in the morning they pull away. Now almost four years later we find Katie fell pregnant and had a baby girl. Since Katie and Connor didn't exchange full names she had no way to find him. She just knows like her they have a Chicago connection. Then one day she sees his picture and name in the paper and goes forward to let him know that about their child.
Connor is shocked by moves forward to be in his daughter life. But Connor wants more from Katie.
Loved this second chance at love story...could not put it down.