Review For: The Mercenary Maidens Series Highland Ruse by Madeline Martin

Review For: The Mercenary Maidens Series  Highland Ruse by Madeline Martin is book Two. This is the story of Kaid MacLeod and Delilah Canterbury. I have read the previous book 'Highland Spy' (and Loved It!) but feel this is can easily be a standalone book if you choose to do so. Delilah is the daughter of a poor family with about 15 kids. When Delilah is sent off to Court to work in King James household she is happy to do so. Then she catches King James's eye and they have a passionate night together where Delilah thinks it will lead to a better standing with him. But King James kicks just treats her as a one night stand. So when Delilah is approached to go to Scotland to become a Spy, Delilah goes forward to do so. Delilah knows there is no life left for her at the court after what she did with the King. After Delilah's training she is sent on a mission alone to act as Lady Elizabeth Seymour who is to marry in to the MacKenzie Clan, Delilah is to be the decoy. Kaid's enemy is Laird MacKenzie who has all but destroyed Kaid's clan. Laird MacKenzie is an evil man and Kaid just wants peace and for his clan to heal. So he thinks to take Laird MacKenzie betrothed, Elizabeth Seymour to help achieve that goal. Kaid and Delilah's feelings instantly start to grow but what will happen with the truth comes out about Delilah and her mission. I just loved their exciting story! Ms. Martin is always a 'must go to' author...her books always leave you wanting more of her stories!