Review for: Lawn Boys by K. Webster

Lawn Boys by K. Webster is the story of Anthony and Stephanie. Stephanie is a widow who husband died a long time ago and she set out to just raise her daughter. Now her daughter is married with a husband and child of her own. Stephanie is only 38 years old but hasn't really lived much life.
Anthony and his twin brother Aiden are 18 years old. Aiden is the quiet and inocent one where Anthony is the wilder one of of the two. Anthony has been out going and even started having sex for a few years. But Anthony has always had his eye on Stephanie the older lady next door. Anthony puts in motion a plan to do her lawn in exchange for an intern at the company she is at with the mind set to get to know her better. But Anthony finds he is very possessive of her and they have hot encounter that leads to him wanting more.
If like me you like a hot 'escape' book sometimes than this one is for you. Really enjoyed it!