Review For: Return to the House of Sin by Anabelle Bryant

Return to the House of Sin (Bastards of London, Book 4) - Anabelle Bryant

Return to the House of Sin by Anabelle Bryant is book Four in the "Bastards of London" series. This is the story of Crispin Daventry and Lady Amanda Beasley. I have read the previous book (LOVED THEM!) in this series but feel this is easily a standalone book.
Each time I read one of Ms Bryant's book I think this is my favorite one but then I read another one which takes its place. This book has everything you could want in a romance. The hurt hero looking to get his revenge while fighting to not love again...but then you meet a women who you can't resist. But you try to keep your walls up but each day you are with her she takes one down. The heroine is trying to prove that she is graceful and ladylike but keeps getting into one ungraceful situation after another. Then when her hero tries to help her he keeps telling her he isn't a good guy but she knows different. They each have been trying to be something they are not and fix what they think needs fixing within themselves. But then they learn what they have been trying to fix within themselves doesn't really need fixing when they are together.
I so loved Amanda and Crispin story....and the bonus was the secondary characters. They were great and I truly hope to see more of them soon!