A little to Late Staci Hart

A Little Too LateA Little Too Late by Staci Hart
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'A Little Too Late' by Staci Hart is the story of Hannah and Charlie.
Hannah is from Holland and has taken a job as a Nanny but the interview was via the internet. But when she came to the household the father was inappropriate, so Hannah quickly left that family. Now she has been assigned to Charlie's family and when she goes to meet them in person she feels an instant fit with him and his two kids, Sam and Maven. We learn that Charlie's wife up and left him and the kids. The hired Nanny had a family emergency and she too up and left. Now is it just Charlie with Kaite helping to try to help take care of the rambunctious kids. Kaite who is the housekeeper is an older women who is really nice too. Sam and Maven are very rambunctious but they are too cute. Charlie has competed himself to work and doesn't go out socially since his breakup. So he is awkward at first talking to Hannah. Hannah too has issue since the last job and her trying to stay in the states with her work visa. But Hannah and Charlie have a instant attraction and connection. I really enjoyed reading their story and love the secondary characters too!

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