Book Review For: Reddest Black by P.T. Michelle

Reddest Black (In the Shadows) (Volume 7) - P. T. Michelle

'Reddest Black' by P.T. Michelle continues the story of Sebastian & Talia.
Sebastian & Talia meet in the First Book in this Series called "Mister Black" but the previous book 'Black Platinum' I feel should be read before this one. Although if you want the full emotions of their story you might want to read them in order. I have just read the previous book and I did enjoy that and this so much so that I plan on going back and working on reading the whole series.
Sebastian and Talia are now getting ready to have a baby along with that happy news there is still things from the past that are not settled. It seems that maybe everything wasn't what it seemed in the last book that is going out again.