Book Review For: Darcy Burke's THE DUKE OF DANGER

The Duke of Danger (The Untouchables, #6)The Duke of Danger by Darcy Burke
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'The Duke of Danger' by Darcy Burke is Book Six in "The Untouchables" series. This is the story of Lionel Maitland, Marquess of Axbridge and Lady Emmaline Townsend. I have read the other books in this series (and loved them!) but feel you can easily make this a standalone book.
Lionel is dubbed with the nickname "Duke of Danger" by the Town. Lionel doesn't fare well have each duel. Although he is left a left with his life, it has effected his feelings. This has sent him into a tails spend with his life. Emmaline is left a widow after her husband attempted to duel with Lionel. Emmaline was furious with Lionel and hasn't been shy about him knowing it. Now that her year of mourning is getting near to being over, her parents are going to force her hand to marry. Emmaline feels that since it is Lionel's fault that she is left a widow with a husband debt and a wish to have her freedom..she confronts Lionel. Emmaline insist that Lionel marry her and then allows her to live her own life.
Emmaline does come off with a strong one side point of view but she is slowly shown that Lionel isn't as guilty as she though.
Another great story by Ms. Burke!
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