Book Review For: Grigori Lauren Smith

Grigori: A Royal Dragon Romance (Brothers of Ash and Fire) - Monique Patterson, Lauren Smith

'Grigori' by Lauren Smith is the First Book in a New Series called "Brothers of Ash and Fire". This is the story of Grigori Barinov and Madelyn Haynes.
Madelyn has always been fascinated with Dragons and now has taken it so far as her job. Madelyn set out to prove that dragons did exist at one time. While working on her PhD in mythology in Russia she happens upon a book about Dragons by a author a first she thinks is do real research but then in his book he showcases a family that are dragon shifters. Madelyn gives the book back because she knows that book is not about a real siting.
Grigori has been alerted that some one requested his family book from the Library. Grigori rushes over to the Library to try and catch the person who is interested in his family. Grigori thinks there is a threat there and wants to know who is trying to look into Dragons. Grigori tracks down Madelyn who he feels a instant attraction too and his Dragon doesn't want to let her go.
Madelyn is afraid of Grigori at first. Who wouldn't be when someone enters your hotel room demand answers from you and then you are taken to his home. But it doesn't take Madelyn long to start to feel something for Grigori but how will she react to his big secret?
I appositely love Ms. Smith writing and try to read ever book she puts out. I totally enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next book about one of Grigori brothers!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."