Book Review For: Falling for the Enemy by C.M. Steele

Falling for the Enemy (Falling Series Book 2) - C.M.  Steele

'Falling for the Enemy' by C.M. Steele is book the "Falling" series. This is the story of John Moriarty and Layla Hendricks. I have not yet read the previous book, so for me this was a standalone book.
This is my first book by Ms. Steele and I am so happy I found her. I just loved this book. Yes, it does have 'Instant Love' and somewhat Alpha Male...which are books I love! Also this is a easy fast read that I had to finish in one sitting!
Layla is away at College and trying to keep her bills down so she does not cause to much expense for her brother. Layla worships her brother who is older and step up to be a father figure to her. So she doesn't want to hurt or disappoint him at all.
While trying to kill time waiting for her college roommate to be done with her boyfriend she goes to the local Starbucks where she sees John walk in. Layla she is instantly attracted to him but he looks older than she and figures he is out of her league. When she gets up to leave he comes over and blocks her exit. John introduces himself and confess that he thinks he just fell in love with her.
John is a successful business man and happens to be walking by a Starbucks when he sees Layla in there. John is instantly attracted to her and goes in and sits down. Watching her until she starts to leave. John goes over and he feels things he hasn't felt before. Layla takes his breath away. Neither really knows who the other is but things change when they do for Layla. Layla would never hurt her brother but John knows he must have Layla.
Loved this quick read!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."