Book Review For: When the Scoundrel Sins by Anna Harrington

When the Scoundrel Sins (Capturing the Carlisles) - Anna Harrington
When the Scoundrel Sins (Capturing the Carlisles, #2)When the Scoundrel Sins by Anna Harrington

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'When the Scoundrel Sins' by Anna Harrington is Book Two in the "Capturing the Carlisles" series. This is the story of Annabelle 'Belle' Green and Quinton Carlisle. I have read the previous book (and Loved It!) but do feel this is easily a standalone book.
Belle was a homeless daughter of Lord Ainsley housekeeper who died, Belle's father was a in prison. Lord and Lady Ainsley loved her and treated her with love and she became a lady's companion for them and their daughters. Quinton is Lord and Lady Anisley great nephew and Belle has known him since she was 10 years old. Belle is a Bluestocking and Quinton always teased her but they did have a friendship. When she was 19 years old and she was having a coming out ball of sorts she and Quinton kissed. When she pressed Quinton why he kissed her at first he said it was a joke but it was not joke for Belle. It broke her heart and when she tried to get away she fell and tore her. Then she ended up be seen by some busy body ladies and her reputation was pretty much gone. Belle had talked Lord Anisley was going to force Quinton to marry her but Belle asked him not to. Belle knew how bad her parents marriage was without love and she doesn't want that.
Now about six years later after the incident she will be turning 25 and the Castle Glenarvon which has been the only home she knew could be hers if she married before her 25 birthday. Lord Anisley thought he was doing a kindness in leaving the home to her with the thought if she married her father nor anyone else could take it away. But Lord Anisley as pasted and his wife has asked that Quinton come visit they before he leaves for good to America. Lady Anisley thinks Quinton can help Belle find a husband.
This was another Lovely Book by Ms. Harrington! Loved Quinton and Belle's story!

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