Book Review For: No Regrets by Ann Lethbridge

No Regrets - Ann Lethbridge

'No Regrets' by Ann Lethbridge is the story of Carolyn 'Caro' Torrington and Lucas Rivers, Viiscount Foxhaven. Caro and Lucas where childhood friends and now they are best friends. When Lucas asked her to marry him a year ago, Caro turned him down. Caro is a Vicars daughter with sisters to help out. But even with Norwich a suitor asked her to marry him she turned him down too. But now a year later Caro is having to do manual labor to earn money. Lucas corners her while washing dishes and insists that they marry. Its seems his father has taken away him money and also convinced his Grandmother not to give him money until he settles downs and marry. Lucas tells Caro that his father insist that he marry her. Lucas strikes up a bargain to help Caro and her sisters if she would only marry him. Caro is slow to agree but asked that he give them a season in town. Caro thinks to help her sisters this way too. But Lucas had laid it down that theirs would be a marriage of convenience and that they could go on being best friends. But can Caro protect her heart...because she loves him as more than a friend.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."